Car suspension custom rubber bushing low moq

The rubber bushes supplied by Ningbo Max Auto Parts Co., Ltd. are mainly made of high quality raw materials such as NR PU MPTF FC-0205 The role of the bushing: Reduces shock and vibration transmitted to the vehicle bod , Ensure the handling stability of the car ,Guaranteed elasto kinematic characteristics of the suspension . The main function of the rubber bushing is to act as an interface between the two parts, to act as a buffer, and to absorb the energy generated by the interaction of the two parts. It separates the two parts while allowing a limited amount of movement, thereby minimizing vibration and even noise.

Products Details

Materail Rubber:NR,PU Metal case:Precision seamless steel tube
Hardness Shore A 55-85
Finish Zinc plating or phosphating
Availability OEM,ODM
Type More than 2000 moulds
Certification ISO9001,TS16949,SGS
Application Car suspension
Packing 10-50nos by PE bags,then to Cartons, then by Pallets
The important of rubber bush , What if there is no bushing? First of all, people will be shaken up and uncomfortable. Larger road undulations can still be dealt with a lot by springs and shock absorbers, but the kind of fine vibrations that make people feel numb will be very “honestly” transmitted to the body. Secondly, it will be noisy. Various noises, such as “crunches” and “chuckles”, will appear, and even the interior will become looser under long-term vibration. Furthermore, the life of the suspension will be much shorter. A car with rubber bushings can withstand 100,000 kilometers of durability, but articulated bearings (commonly known as “fisheye” or “ball hinge”) are not good. No racing car can change the “fisheye” every 100,000 kilometers. In the end, the car will become difficult to drive. Of course, the “difficult to drive” here is for ordinary consumers, and for racers, they are eager. In a car without bushings, if the steering wheel is turned faster, it will feel like being kicked abruptly from the side, and the response of the car will become much more direct and much faster. For ordinary civilians, we don’t want the car to react so fast, but rather slower, which can make people feel more comfortable and relaxed. The rubber bush made by Max Auto is use the high quality Rubber , PU or NR , the metal part use precision seamless stainless steel tube . The hardness can reach Shora A 55- 85 , surface treatment can be zinc plating or phosphating . Max’s products have been exported to Russia , Europe, Japan ,Korea, Africa, Canada, USA, Australia and so on . Max has a good reputation and established long term relationship with customers .

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